Cash is always accepted at the time of purchase.
Please be sure your child has money in an envelope with their name written on it so we can credit their meal account.


We only accept in state checks.  If a check is returned a $25 NSF fee will be applied.
Make checks payable to :
J.O. Combs Food Service 


Prepay online with credit or debit cards.  Call 480-987-5312 for additional information to set up an account for your child(ren).  This is also a great way to monitor your child’s meal account.  You can even set up low credit limits so your child(ren) always has money available to use.

Prepay for Meals Today!


$1.25 Paid
$0.30 Reduced

Adult: $1.75


Elementary: $2.65
Adult: $3.15
Middle School: $2.90
Adult: $3.15
High School: $3.40
Adult: $3.65

Reduced: $0.40 (all schools)


Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  This helps speed up our service and ensures that your child always has money in his/her meal account.  Contact Food Service to get started.
If your child forgets their money this is what we will do: provide a courtesy meal which includes a cheese sandwich, veggie and/or fruit, and  milk. A note will be sent home with students who have a low balance in their account.  You may also receive a message via schoolmessenger that your son/daughter has a low balance or that they received a courtesy meal.

Charges will not be allowed during the month of May. We want to start next school year off without any outstanding balances.  Thank you for your help.  Should you have any questions you can contact the school kitchen or the district Food Service department.

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